Underwater and Cave World in Slovenia

Presentation of natural science films Underwater and Cave World of Slovenia

With a series of short films I wish to present the diversity of life in Slovenian lakes, rivers, sea and karst underground rivers. The recordings have been taken from less familiar environment and represent characteristic and rare aquatic organisms, some of them recorded for the first time in their natural environment. The emphasis lies in the diversity, endemism, sensitivity of specific habitats and drinking water issues that inseparably link us with the life under the water surface. Films are suitable to all levels of pupils, college and undergraduate students. Films are commented live so I can adapt the commentary with regard to the audience. There are dozens of films composed into a one or more hours of school program and the teachers may, according to their interest, compose a program of their own by the choice, order and length of films. The number of spectators depends on the size of the classroom.


Short video spot presenting the contents of Underwater and Cave World of Slovenia

Kratek videospot s predstavitvijo vsebin PODVODNI IN JAMSKI SVET SLOVENIJEKratek videospot s predstavitvijo vsebin PODVODNI IN JAMSKI SVET SLOVENIJE
Two examples of presentation of the underwater and cave films at High School Nova Gorica and Nursing School Celje

Of course the film presentation may also take place in a classroom …

or in a gym …

Opinion of Dr. Natalija Komljanc , National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

Ciril Mlinar-Cic represents a remote world, the world under water that we do not visit every day. He brings the undisclosed world and its inhabitants closer to young people in a comprehensive manner. The young people, together with their teachers enrich their lessons by means of these films not only by observing and remembering the artistic photos and films. The films also open the way to a new world they may enter and live in it. The young share the experience and issues with the author and sometimes they may even set off with him to a research mission and thus become a part of Cic’s stories. The unforgettable experience will be kept in their memory for ever.

Dr. Natalija Komljanc, September 2010

Presentation of videos

Mainland waters

Lake, Upper River Stream, Middle River Stream, Lower River Stream, Puddle, Kolpa River, Krupa River Sring, Ljubljanica River, Zelenci – Sava Dolinka Spring, City from the Fish Perspective, Our Biggest Freshwater Fish – Catfish Maks, Getting Ready for Underwater Film Making.


Sea Below the Flysch Cliffs; On the Rocky Bottom, On the Sandy Bottom, On the Muddy Bottom, Underwater Reef, Meadows of Sea Flowers, Open Sea, Submarine Thermal Springs, Basking Shark, Fin Whale, “Blooming” Sea, Sea by Night.

Karst caves

Dry Cave Fauna, Aquatic Cave Fauna, Human Fish - Proteus, Pregnant Proteus – First Filmed in Natural Environment, Preparation of a Cave Diver for Underwater Filming.