Ciril Mlinar Cic

Film maker and photographer

I do video, film and photography as well as underwater exploration and karst caves exploration. I make primarily natural history films, along with scripts and directing. I specialize in underwater and cave photo- graphy as well as video and film. I am the author of films, TV programmes, multivision, and numerous publications, especially in the field of underwater and cave world. I was the first to film the proteus and numerous cave animals in their natural environment. Out of my rich opus of films and pictures of nature I composed a series of short films that represent the entire underwater and cave world of Slovenia. I introduce the less known and newly discovered environments to school children and students as well as to wider audience of all generations in live image, lectures and projections. Presentations are being currently upgraded as Cicfilm produces new films all the time.
Photo: Jože Pristavec - Joc
International Film Festival in La Chapelle en Vercors, France: first prize of the jury for the quality of underwater filming (1984) … and 18 first prizes at the national championships in underwater photography …. Hans Hass Gold Medal for underwater film in Linz, Austria, Prometheus of Science 2005 of the Slovenian Science Foundation for scientific film (co-scenarist, cameraman, director), Prometheus of Science 2006 for excellence in camera and directing ... first prize on International Speleo Film Festival Karlovac 2014 and 2015, Winner Award for Best 1 minute film on Västerås FilmFestival, Sweden, Silver Bell Award on Monte Analogo Hells Bells Speleo Award, Trieste, Italy 2017, First prize for profesional film PAF Tachov 2017...
100 ans de photographie sous-marine (Alain Schrotter Editions), Photography year book (Fountain Press), Encyclopaedia of Slovenia, National Geographic Channel ...