The sole production specialising in underwater and speleological film in Slovenia
Natural science, documentary and feature films, promotion films for institutions and companies, video spots, videos for lectures, video backgrounds for theatre performances …

Format: Video HD 10-bit 4:2:2, UHD 4K 10-bit 4:2:2, film 16 mm
Specialties: underwater filming, karst caves and siphons
Author films: idea, script, directing, camera and editing
Collaboration: museums, institutes, theatres, TV, CNN World Report, National Geographic Channel …

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Awards for film PROTEUS HUNTERS. Monte Analogo Hells Bells, Trieste 2017 and First prize for profesional film PAF Tachov 2017.


First Prize for film Water cycle. Vasteras Film Festival 2015.


Drinking water is becoming a major problem of the Third Millennium. The planet is overpopulated, we are choking in our own waste and our attitude towards the environment is catastrophically poor, leading to self-destruction! The film Water Cycle is intended as a contribution to increased concern for clean drinking water, which is largely pumped from underground water sources and indirectly for the conservation of biodiversity in karst caves.

The film was created in the framework of the project Škocjan-Risnjak: A common system for assessing the sustainability of water resources management in the Škocjan Caves and the Risnjak nature parks, which was co-financed under the Operational Programme Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013.



  • Cave Diving (1982/83)
  • Among Cave Divers (1983)
  • In the Realm of Proteus (1983)
  • Speleonauts (TV Belgrade 1983)
  • Proteus (TV Slovenia 1985)
  • Slovenian Underwater Life (1989/90)
  • The Lake beneath the Ice (1991)
  • Blooming Sea (1989/91)
  • Herzog – Underwater Photos (1995)
  • The Soča Trout (TV Slovenia 1996)
  • Faces of the Green River (1997/98)
  • Human Fish - Proteus Anguinus (1999)
  • Does It Have To Be This Way? (2000)
  • Let’s Give Back to Nature to Live Better (2001)
  • Basking Shark Cetorhinus maximus in the Slovenian Sea (2001)
  • Portrait of an Underwater Photographer (2002)
  • From Whale to Skeleton (2004)
  • For the Quality of Life (2005)
  • Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden at Trenta (2006)
  • The Lake (2007)
  • The River Upper Stream (2007)
  • The River Middle Stream (2007)
  • The Living World of the Ljubljanica River (2007)
  • Fishing in Slovenia (2008)
  • The River Lower Stream (2008)
  • Fin Whale in the Slovenian Sea (2009)
  • Sitarjevec Mine (2009)
  • Submarine Thermal Sulphate Springs (2009)
  • Cave Fauna (2010)
  • Precious and Protected Submarine Communities of the Kvarner Bay (2010)
  • The World of Fluorescent Colours (2011)
  • The Idrijca Canyon (2012)
  • Branica Valley and Natura 2000 (2012)
  • A hot spot in the cold darkness (2013)
  • Piran Sea Bass (2013)
  • Proteus anguinus laying eggs (2013)
  • Purse seine fising (2014)
  • The Drava Canyon (2015)
  • Water and karst (2015)
  • Water cycle (2015)
  • Proteus hunters (2016)
  • Black eye (2017)
  • Film as a tool in raising public awareness on vulnerability of proteus (2018)
  • Cave shell Congeria (2019)
  • Black Proteus from Bela krajina (2019)