Piranski brancin Fonda

cic 06aKratek video spot promocijsko-dokumentarnega filma o Piranskem brancinu Fonda.

Predstavitveni film podjetja FONDA govori o družinskem podjetju, o ustanovitvi in razvoju ribogojnice in školjčišča ter o njihovi blagovni znamki Piranskem brancinu Fonda. Film je v dolžinah 34 in 5 minut ter štirih krajših video spotih.

O predstavitvi filma v Sečoveljskih solinah...



With free divers on Ist island.

Ultraviolet video from the sea

What do marine animals look like beyond the visible light under ultraviolet electromagnetic waves?

Some plants and animals contain proteins, symbiotic microorgani- sms, etc., that glow in fluorescent colours when illuminated by UV light.

The extract shows some night UV motives from the seabed.

Kornati islands

South western submarine walls of the Kornati Islands once were a fine example of intact, or at least well preserved nature. In good faith later these islands were declared a national park. Almost all activities have been forbidden in this protected area, and visits limited by high entrance fees.

In the seventies I spent seven unforgettable diving summers at the Kornati Islands and became well acquainted with the submarine world of most of the islands, especially those with the...

Sea lilies

 The sea lily (antedon mediterranea) occurs in a variety of colours and colour combinations. While diving at Cres, Mali and Veli Ćutin and Grgur in September I have been meeting them on each “step”.


Sea by night

rak v nočnem morjuThe sea we know by daylight turns into quite a different world in the dark. Nocturnal animals crawl from their hiding places, the others go to sleep. The sandy seabed, so dull during the day, becomes alive at night. The polyps of corals open up and set their numerous tentacles towards the sea current, the crustaceans set out for the night hunt…

Basking shark

Several seven to eight meters long basking sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) swam into the Bay of Piran in 2001.

The scene from a six-minute film shows the first underwater video shots of these animals in our sea.

Sea Mucilage

Extract from a four-minute film shows the disastrous consequences of the sea mucilage in the Northern Adriatic in 1991. It caused complete destruction of all living beings over a large part of the Trieste Bay.